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Hiroko Masuko Ouroboros and Flower crown” / 2009 / Pen, ink on TORINOKO paper / Diam.150.0 x 4.5cm   ©Hiroko Masuko

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Hiroko Masuko
If you would know the pine tree, go to the pine tree.
March 21 (Sat), - April 11 (Sat), 2020
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GALLERY MoMo Projects is pleased to represent a solo exhibition entitled “If you would know the pine tree, go to the pine tree” by Hiroko Masuko.

Masuko made chalcography in the university, but she shifted her tool from needle to pen and started working on a series entitled Bonsai on paper and panel. For the artist, the panels stretched the papers are pots, so she draws the motif of Bonsai as if she brings up her ideal shaped Bonsai.

Masuko has worked on this series from the views that human cooperate with nature.


According to Masuko, her experiences to grow up and live in many places in the Tohoku area after she was born in Miyagi are her origin. When she moved to Tochigi in 2018, Masuko was shocked by the sight of the green manure farming method was a beautiful filed of canola flower was mixed with the soil by a tractor. In response to the experience, Masuko started a new series, Fertile plain, that she sews thread that colored with canola flower onto Sasho papers that are made of soil like plowing a field. This series shows that they are made of natures. Besides, the embroidery on the motifs Masuko drew by tracing the fiber makes perspective to the works.


In this way, Masuko has been working on her creation influenced by the local culture and the local traditions of the area where she moved in. In this exhibition, we will show three her large-scaled works created in each places; Miyako city and Ichinoseki city in Iwate, and Shimotsuke city in Tochigi.  


The title of this exhibition is quote from Matsuo Basho who was the most famous poet of the Edo period in Japan. Like Basho faced on the essence of things through his own experiences more than hearing from others, this quote shows how Masuko faced on her life and reflect them to her artworks.


Hiroko Masuko was born in 1982, in Miyagi, Japan and graduated from Miyagi University of Education in Art Education in 2008. She received the Tokyo Wonder Wall Prize in 2007, the award for excellence in Toyota Art Competition in 2010 (Toyata Municipal Museum of Art), and was selected to the 10th Gunma Biennale for young artists 2010 and VOCA 2018. Since 2008, Masuko mainly had exhibited at Gallery Jin projects in Tokyo and had had solo exhibitions at Cyg art gallery.

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