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Tomoko Konoike Appearing to wash in the water, it said something” / 2009

Japanese ink on Kumohada-mashi paper (Japanese paper) and wood panel / Diam.150.0 x 4.5cm   ©Tomoko Konoike

Mythology ⇆ Story  
-from Mythology to Story / from Story to Mythology-
Tomoko Konoike, Tomoyasu Murata
February 8 (Sat), - March 7 (Sat), 2020

Open : Monday - Saturday  12pm - 7pm

Closed on Sunday, Monday and National holiday

GALLERY MoMo Projects is pleased to present a two-person show with Tomoko Konoike and Tomoyasu Murata entitled Mythology ⇆ Story. In this exhibition, we focused on the common motifs of their artworks such as Noh mask and Mt. Fuji, and on the differences in approaches of their creations.


Tomoyasu Murata has worked on a series that will consist of five puppet animations, portraying the view of Mujo on the subjects of prayer, chronicling and faith since 2011. We will show the three video works: “Okinamai / Forest This Flower Bloom” that themed of the nuclear plant accident in Fukushima, Japan, “AMETSUCHI” that Murata abstractly expresses the formation of the Japanese, and “A Branch of a Pine Is Tied up” themed earthquake.


As a prologue for the series, Muarata reproduced Okinamai is a traditional dance that prays for agricultural prosperity and used to chronicle the convulsions of nature in puppet animation. For Japanese, who have a deep connection to their land through agriculture, dairy husbandry and the fishing industry, that accident in which the local people lost so many things such as their land, also knocked away their spiritual pillar, and set the stage for reconsidering their identity as Japanese. Murata got inspirations from Japanese myth and Kojiki that is an early Japanese chronicle of myths, legends, songs genealogies, oral traditions and semi-historical accounts. He created remarkable characters and items from the origin of the story in Japan that essential for his works.


On the other hand, the works of Konoike consist of characters created by her own such as the white-faceless creature “Mimio”, a six-legged wolf, and a bee with human feet. Her works seem to be based on the specific story, but they don’t show strong message. Konoike creates her artworks like taking memo of her feelings that she experienced but difficult to put into words. The artworks that Konoike recorded her sensible things contain mythological elements that Murata uses in his works as the origin of the story.


In this exhibition, we represent a drawing by Konoike that is one of the drawings used for animation “Mimio Odyssey” to show her origin of story like mythology and “Appearing to wash in the water, it said something” that she depicted her sensory thoughts cannot describe in words as a record.


The uncompleted body described along the circular canvas cannot recognize either a woman or a man. The person wears Okinamen that is old man mask and twisted the body like flying in the air. It looks like a god, as if he/she were looking at us from a bird’s eye view even if he/she could control our life and death. Four years after this work, the crust shook the earth and killed many people, and we were forced to go on a journey to ask the meaning of living. According Konoike, the work seems to remain the important traces even though she expressed the vague sense.


Employing same motifs such as Okinamen, their artworks share similar feelings. However, there are big differences between their works how they approach the artwork with the symbols and related to mythologies for their works. Murata tries to capture the motifs symbolically, on the other hand, the works by Konoike stirs up the imagination and potential of the obscured things. Showing their artworks together, we would like the viewers to consider their common and difference through this exhibition.

Tomoyasu Murata Okinamai / Forest This Flower Bloom” / 2014-2015 / HD Video / Stereo sound / 11min05sec   ©Tomoyasu Murata

Tomoyasu Murata A Branch of a Pine Is Tied up” / 2017 / HD Video / Stereo sound / 16min32sec   ©Tomoyasu Murata

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