Sachiho Ikeda| The Sound of  Clear Buds Popping  


February 29 (Sat),  - March 28 (Sat), 2020

​※ Closed : March 28 (Sat) 

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GALLERY MoMo Ryogoku is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Sachiho Ikeda entitled The Sound of Clear Buds Popping from Saturday, February 29th through Saturday, March 28th.  


In this exhibition, Ikeda will show her latest paintings and installation with a painting and a sculpture of tiger that she has a sense of affinity with the character, which is large, but cowardly, clumsy and indecisive. Focusing on the weakness rather than strongness and accepting it, Ikeda tried to express the figure of people who try to take a step.  


Getting the idea from the drawings, Ikeda describes the ordinary happiness that people sometimes compare to others and forget. Looking at things happen in the everyday life and considering them with positive views, Ikeda successes to give the small happiness to the paintings in a narrative fashion.


In her early works, Ikeda described landscapes like Japanese gardens and parks with the use of gentle and soft colors, which invite the viewers to the peaceful and healing world. Employing the artificial natures like parks as her motifs, Ikeda succeeded in giving her paintings the presence of people with warm atmosphere even though people do not usually appear or are described very small in her paintings. Ikeda visited to the North Japan where the great earthquake and Tunami happened on March 11, 2011. Through seeing many people there and opening the mind each other, Ikeda realized how she could connect to others and how people could feel small happens even though they struggled with many problems in their life. Keeping the use of color, Ikeda attempts to express our choice in our life and how people take the thing happen around them since the experience.


Sachiho Ikeda was born 1986 in Tokyo and graduated from Musashino University of Arts in 2006. The artist has been selected for Shell Art Award 2010 and Tokyo Wander Wall 2011 and showed in the group exhibition at GEISAI 11 and GEISAI Museum. Her artworks had exhibited at Asian Student Yong Artists Art Festival in Seoul, South Korea in 2014. This is her sixth solo exhibition at GALLERY MoMo.





Artist Comment

I thought I wanted to create a tiger.


The tiger is large, but it is cowardly, clumsy and indecisive. Speaking of a tiger’s image, they are brave, strong and decisive, and have instantaneous force.


In Japan, three hundred years ago, many painters employed the motif of tigers becuase Samurai family preferred. In addition, they are considered an emissary of God and one of the animals in Earthly Branches. Some kinds of tiger had been extinct because of poaching for their fur.  


sometimes I think that I cannot survive in the wild world if I was a tiger since I have so many weaknesses and am imperfect as a person. Everyone has weaknesses and worries that no one can tell by appearance. I realized that I could live by returning ales from many people who I sent ales.


“Clear Buds” in the tile of exhibition is buds of unknown invisible color and is an analogy to a bud that includes defects and weaknesses that are not apparent. I do not know what color the flower bud pop and what the sounds is like. I attempt to express scenes of balancing that we try to accept our weaknesses each other by sending ales to take drastic actions.


Sachiho Ikeda, 2020

Due to government precautions regarding COVID-19,

GALLERY MoMo will close the exhibitions both in Ryogoku and Roppongi on Saturday, March 28th. 

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