Motoki Hitomi

"Wish in the Air"


Camphor, acrylic

h.96.0 x w.58.0 x d.6.5cm

©Motoki Hitomi

Motoki Hitomi| Homo Sapiens who can’ t be adult


January 25 (Sat),  - February 22 (Sat), 2020

Reception for the Artist :  January 25 (Sat) 6pm - 8pm

Open : Tuesday - Saturday  11am - 7pm

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GALLERY MoMo Ryogoku is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Motoki Hitomi that will consist of twelve wooden sculptures and several drawings from January 24th to February 22nd. Through this exhibition entitled Homo Sapience who can’s be adult, Hitomi try to make a story that he think what it means to be an adult and how to face the child inside of him.

Adding fear and a sense of discomfort to the world surrounding himself, human desire, aspiration, jealousy, affection, and delusion to the gestures and the gaze, Hitomi has developed the animal motifs into anthropomorphic colored wooden sculptures.

The anthropomorphic sculptures that always look like between child and adult show his identity of the creativity since Hitomi realized how his childhood memories and experience related to his creation. Even he is already adult, Hitomi feels he still has a side of child inside of himself and cannot separate it from his artworks. While he struggled against himself who is still child and cannot be adult, he keeps a power to create his own world and having his dream by being a child. Hitomi attempts to accept himself and transform into his expression.


Motoki Hitomi was born in1985 in Shimane, Japan and completed his M.F.A. Sculpture course at Faculty of Fine arts, Tokyo University of Arts. In 2008, he was awarded the Mitsubishi Estate Prize at the Geidai Arts in Marunouchi while he was a student. Hitomi had exhibited at Utsunomiya Museum of Art in 2010, Shimane Art Museum in 2011, ECHIGO-TSUMARI Triennale 2012 and Itabashi Art Museum in 2016. This is his fifth solo exhibition at GALLERY MoMo since 2009.

Artist Comment

In this exhibition, I tried to make not only wooden sculpture but also relief sculpture with wood.

I decided to make the relief sculpture because I wanted to make sculpture like drawings, regardless of the limitation of weight and shape. Seeing the sculptures on the wall that seem to float away from the ground and in space, I feel I could emphasize the narrativity of the works.

When I conceived my works, I have tried to include a story in each work.

Paintings and sculptures were born as a media for telling stories. The sculptures that have a sense of realism is fascinating expression way that provides both reality and fantasy for me who have shaped various aspects of human beings into a story.

Like drawing lines, I attempt to make the stories gracefully that appear from inside of the tree.

Motoki Hitomi, 2020 

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