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Waka Yoshida

Dazzling Maze

Jan. 13 - Feb. 17, 2024


吉田 和夏


2024年1月13日 - 2月17日


Yoshida has been inspired by natural history motifs such as landforms, dinosaurs, three-dimensional models, and minerals, creating works that are not limited to two-dimensional or three-dimensional forms. In recent years, she has been drawing inspiration from invisible and unknown things, depicting parallel worlds similar to the real world and the multiverse with multi-layered expressions of space, time, and creatures. As she says, "I try to create a sense of immersion and to shake the flatness of the almost flat surface of the painting by painting in a deceptive manner with an awareness of the depth and a sense of floating," and she uses familiar motifs to express a mysterious world that seems to exist in a time and space other than the real world.

In this exhibition, Yoshida has adopted the theme of "maze" to present new works that make viewers feel as if they are connected to the universe even when they cut out a familiar space. Through the maze, Yoshida depicts an attitude of enjoying the "dazzling view" while facing emotions such as anxiety and fear of not being able to see the goal. The new mountain climber figure is depicted as an entity that traverses and passes through the world of Yoshida's artworks, and he states, "I now have a stronger sense of wandering through the painting.”

Waka Yoshida was born in Iwate Prefecture in 1983, graduated from Saitama University in 2006, and continued her studies at Setsu Mode Seminar, graduating in 2008. She is also a member of the artist group Gazoku and was selected for the 17th Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art in 2014.

​Artist's Comment

In a world that, like a maze, has a beginning and an end, I have arrived at the age of inflexibility and am thinking about getting lost/not getting lost.

Children run through the world at breakneck speed, and strangely enough, they do not stop. I used to be moving forward at a steady pace.

Now I feel like I'm not actively trying to get there. Maybe I am just afraid to go on.

I try to find a dazzling view in the complicated maze.

Waka Yoshida, 2023

 吉田和夏は1983年岩手県生まれ、2006年埼玉大学教育学部美術専修卒業、その後もセツモードセミナーで学び2008年に卒業しました。2007年のイラストレーション ザ・ チョイス年度賞を受賞。作家集団画賊にも所属して作品を発表し、2014年の第17回岡本太郎現代芸術賞では入選を果たしました。イラストとアートの境界線上で制作を続け、ユニークなモチーフやオブジェは多方面で評価を得、活躍の場を広げています。








2023年 吉田和夏

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